Mates of State

    Team Boo


    Jason Hammel and Kori Gardner, the dynamic marital drum and
    electric-organ duet known to us as Mates of State, is back, marking
    their triumphant return with Team Boo, the band’s third
    full-length. Spending last spring deep in the studio trenches, with
    help from John Croslin and Jim Eno, the mates have again combined
    lovingly conflicting voices and jabbing instrumentals with tight
    production and superb sound, helping to eliminate some of the
    irritating distortion of Our Constant Concern without compromising their trademark sound and melodies.


    Heavily laden with harmony as well as lyrical battling, “An
    Experiment” and the enjoyably rushed “I Got This Feelin’ ” stand out as
    the Team Boo‘s best tracks. “Parachutes (Funeral Song),” a song
    about (you guessed it) death, though a bit trite and expected, managed
    to become one of my favorites. It’s not often I admit to liking a song
    with lyrics like “I’d say I’m better ’cause I lived before I died.”

    Besides having an atrocious title, this record is remarkably
    enjoyable, but by no means a large step away from the formula that has
    worked in the past. San Francisco’s Mates of State has done it again,
    creating an infectious, poppy record that will likely drive even the
    most stubborn onto the dance floor.