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  • Procession
  • Sands Of Time
  • Empyreal
  • Empyreal (Part 2)
  • A Serpents Tongue
  • Awakening
  • Kingdom Of Solitude
  • Where The Sky Ends
  • Dystopia
  • Apparitions
  • Altered States Of Consciousness
  • Beyond The Resurrected
  • Eclipsed
  • From The Edge Of The Earth

The British band Sylosis made it known that its roots were in classic thrash, but its 2008 debut Conclusion of an Age featured a host of metal sub-genre influences. The band's line-up shifted (guitarist Josh Middleton took over vocal duties, following the departure of vocalist Jamie Graham), but promised further tweaks on its sophomore release Edge of the Earth. The song "Empyreal," which circulated in advance of the album's release, highlighted these elements, ranging from bright, melodic breakdowns to prog-y rhythmic shifts.

Danny Brown - Danny Johnson/The Purple Baby Ten Stormwarning

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