Sweat Lodge Infinite


    EVER READ TEXT THAT’S WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS? It’s irritating, isn’t it? Caps are great for emphasis here and there, but they’re a bitch when abused. Welcome to Sweat Lodge Infinite by 2Mex, of Beat Junkie DJ Rhettmatic’s Visionaries. If you were to listen to a snippet here and there, you might think it was a pretty decent hip-hop album. But while Longevity’s beats are tight in spots (“Pavilions of Sound,” “M.A.S.H.”), and 2Mex’s enunciated delivery is solid, loops repeating ad infinitum with a quasi-yelling emcee is quite tedious over the course of an album. And if one more joker uses that Billy Squier beat in the next five years, I’m heading for the nearest water tower, rifle in hand.


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