Surfing on a Rocket


    The French auteurs Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin, known to you and me as Air, made a near masterpiece in 2004’s Talkie Walkie, a glistening piece of lounge pop with cozy acoustic guitars and bittersweet synths. It’s a near tragedy, then, to have such a record besmirched with the obligatory remix album.


    Air’s supple electronica has provided folks like Joakim and Mark Ronson ample room to flex their remix muscles, but their re-imaginings of “Surfing on a Rocket” and “Alpha Beta Gaga,” especially a hip-hop version of the latter that features Rhymefest, are silly and superfluous. Including a boss new Air track might help the seven-track (five of which are remixes) Surfing on a Rocket EP, but the duo’s offering, “Easy Going Woman,” is a smaltzy, piano-propelled ballad with none of their work’s dependable subtlety. Collectors may be compelled against their better judgment to pick this one up. For most of us, waiting for this record’s heavy rotation at our local H&M should suffice.

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    Review of "Talkie Walkie"

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