Sunday Seance


    “Sunday Seance” is one of the best tracks on Blockhead’s 2004 solo debut, Music by Cavelight, released by Ninja Tune. He reveres a spooky piano melody the whole way through, pushing into it overlapping new ideas so that it’s refreshing again by the end. In their remix, Loka sends “Sunday” into film-score proportions, expanding Blockhead’s already dramatic nugget into a vast spacious desert, speeding up the tempo and trading the harmonica for drum spasms worthy of a Who set closer.


    A golden and productive partnership is rekindled on “Jet Son,” one of Music‘s sleepier numbers, when Aesop Rock offers his fluid rant in between Camu Tao’s rejuvenating chorus work. Blockhead pulls Aesop’s verses out for the closer, making his colorful reworking of “Jet Son” even more evident. Blockhead never disappoints, but he’s even a surer bet when his emcee buddy drops in.

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