A light used to replicate the sunshine, colloquially known as a sunbox, is often used to treat problems such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It’s characterized by depression in the winter months and said to be related to seasonal variations in light. Kiln is a trio hailing from Michigan, a state that’s no stranger to inclement weather, and its sound can best be described as an aural prescription for grey days of the mind.


    Kiln’s Sunbox, on the excellent Ghostly International, can be characterized under the broad swath that is down-tempo electronic. More specifically, Sunbox is a subtle masterpiece of warm textures, crackles and gentle melodies ideal for headphone consumption. Intricate glitches dance from left to right, from background to foreground, over layers of slightly distorted synth tones.

    The record constantly engages the listener, divulging more with every play; a characteristic of the most cerebral electronic releases. Kiln has produced a record of intimate music constructed under grey Michigan skies, but it is a perfect soundtrack to sunrises viewed from airplane windows.

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