There’s usually not too much you can accomplish over the course of an hour. You could watch a (probably lame) TV drama, maybe cook yourself a nice dinner. If you’re a member of the Strokes you could — on a good day — fix your hair just right. Or, if you’re Excepter, you could record an entire EP. If the New York electro/improv outfit is to be believed, the thirty-minute Sunbomber was culled from an hour-long session that was, astoundingly, the first time that this new four-member lineup played together.


    For the uninitiated, Excepter’s music is made with modern technology and a primitive mentality. Dueling synth lines clash overtop skeletal drum-box percussion and walls of ambient noise. The results are, at times, chaotic and unwieldy but always pulsing with vitality and, surprisingly, melody. This is the sound of music eating itself, and there’s an almost primordial appeal to the band’s cyclical rhythmic construction/deconstruction. Excepter is a group unafraid to embody creativity in its purest form, pursuing each impulse in an uncompromising fashion. Few can be said to have such artistic integrity. Those that do ought to be celebrated.


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