Sun Bronzed Greek Gods


    From the time the sweet and catchy “Jesus” started bouncing around the blogs last year, it seemed predestined that Dom, the man and the band, would be signed to a major label, or at least a major label-distributed indie. The band arrived with a flair for self-mythology (check this ridiculous Pitchfork interview) that lends itself well to magazine profiles, the famous friends (the band almost signed to Passion Pit’s label) and, most important, the impossibly catchy songs that are just a teen-movie soundtrack placement away from being major hits. This is not a band destined to ride the micro-indie label bench for long.


    So here it is, the first major label release from Dom, a Astralwerks-issued remaster of Dom’s debut EP, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods. Instead of corralling Dom into a studio to bang out a full-length, this reissue remasters the hotly tipped EP, a fuzzy, hardly in stores confection that benefits greatly from the major reworking. Where there used to be largely impassable scuzz, now there are easily discernible lyrics and the hooks are easier to love.


    There were few debuts as indelible as Dom’s in 2010, and Sun Bronzed will benefit from being in a few more record stores. This is a band that arrived fully formed upon debut: Dom’s template of sing-along garage rock with an flair for electronics allows these songs to sound new and of a easily recognizable type at the same time. There are multiple touchstones in here, from the Troggs thunder of “Bochicha,” the snotty irreverence of pop-punk in “Rude as Jude” and “Living in America,” to blown-out pop anthems like “Burn Bridges.”


    It remains to be seen if the loose, congenial vibe of Sun Bronzed Greek Gods can be sustained for more than this EP’s 19 minutes, but betting against Dom might be foolhardy. Never bet against the guy willing to lie about his song being the faceoff song for a minor league hockey team, or who can write songs as catchy as “Living In America.”   







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