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  • All We Are
  • Incredible Machine
  • Stuck Like Glue
  • Tonight
  • Stand Up
  • Incredible Machine (Interlude)
  • Every Girl Like Me
  • Little Miss
  • Find The Beat Again
  • Wide Open
  • Shine The Light

The title of The Incredible Machine, the third album by country superstars Sugarland -- the fifth if you count their Christmas record -- refers to the human heart, in case you were wondering. But in the more nuts-and-bolts realm, the album was overseen by Nashville superproducer Byron Gallimore (Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Lee Ann Womack), whose hotshot status is fitting for an act of Sugarland's top-of-the-heap status. The Incredible Machine finds Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles returning with a fresh batch of tunes for the millions who have become addicted to their pop/country/rock amalgam. 

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