Vikter Duplaix

    Stimulation EP


    Electronic soul pioneer Vikter Duplaix’s five-track Stimulation EP is a short but exciting effort that should please fans of progressive soul. Duplaix’s music is an otherworldly cross-section of house and broken-beat grooves and R&B crooning. The heir apparent to Maxwell, Duplaix sounds best here on the slower selections, namely “Pure” and Nothing Like Your Touch.” The former undulates over a rolling bass line, creating a sexy and intoxicating experience. The even mellower “Nothing Like Your Touch” is pure orgasmic pleasure, balancing a retro vibe with touches of electronica. The sensuality oozes from Duplaix’s voice while the breezy production conjures images of a late-night massage. The other tracks on the EP follow on the same path, deftly mixing the singer’s classic soul influences with more up-tempo house vibes. The tracks are good, but the softer productions make Duplaix stand out. The EP is available for download as well as on vinyl, so it should be a welcome addition to any self-respecting bohemian’s iPod or record crate.


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