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If there were such a thing as ear cavities resulting from too much sweet music, you'd need to brush your ears after listening to Stereo Total. The Berlin duo -- lovers Françoise Cactus and Bezel Göring -- has sweetened its minimal Casio-pop sound on its sixth album, Do the Bambi. You may feel guilty listening to these nineteen songs of catchy pop and Cactus's accent (she sings in German, French and English): imagine Manu Chao, Serge Gainsbourg and the Cars all caramelized together.


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Stereo Total Web site (includes links to sounds, videos)

"I Am Naked" mp3

Stereo Total on Kill Rock Stars' Web site

  • Babystritch
  • Do The Bambi
  • I Am Naked
  • Cinemania
  • Vive Le Week-End
  • Das Erste Mal
  • La Douce Humanite
  • Les Lapins
  • Hungry!
  • Ne M'Appelle Pas Ta Biche
  • Orange Mecanique
  • Tas De Tole
  • Europa Neurotisch
  • Partymadchen Gefoltert
  • Cannibale
  • Helfit Mir
  • Mars Rendez-Vous
  • Troglodyten
  • Chelsea Girls
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