Stephanie McKay

    Stephanie McKay EP


    Bronx-born vocalist Stephanie McKay may not have a pitch-perfect singing voice, but she delivers an emotional punch with each note. On this five-track EP–foreshadowing the release of her sophomore full-length, Tell It Like It Is, due out later this year on Astralwerks–McKay conveys sassy, finger-waving R&B with guts and charisma. The singer–former member of Brooklyn Funk Essentials who’s collaborated with the likes of Talib Kweli–combines strong lyrical statements with brash musical compositions that fuse R&B, rock, reggae and funk. Each track here has a distinct flavor, from the straight-talking “Tell It Like It Is” to the politically minded “Rising Tide.” But some of these tracks were featured on 2003’s McKay, which was produced by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and was only released in the United Kingdom, and the closing track is merely a remix of “Tell It Like It Is” by DJ Spinna. McKay can stand out from the pack, but this EP just hints at her range.