Eliot Lipp

    Steele Street Scraps


    Eliot Lipp bridged glittery Korg synth-tinged disco funk with hip-hop breaks for his impressive Tacoma Mockingbird LP in early 2006, a sophomore effort that left little to be desired. The Washington native coats a similar array of dancey drum samples for his Steele Street Scraps EP, which, with seven newbies and a few remixes, is a little longer than average. A couple of scratches sneak in and out of whining Moog lines for “The Intro,” and the brief “Gangsta Shit” loops wouldn’t have been out of place on Gang Starr’s Daily Operation. The party dies down somewhat when vinyl cracks lend a cozy sense of nostalgia on a gorgeously layered sampled bed of guitar harmonics and bass called “Harmonix”; it’s weighty evidence that this beat maker, as much as he seems to dig on his older keyboards, is consistently surprising his audience with a colorful approach.




    Artist: http://www.eliotlipp.net/

    Label: http://www.heftyrecords.com/

    Audio: http://www.myspace.com/eliotlipp