Program the Dead



    Hard rock – what a concept! On their self-titled debut, the members of Program the Dead seem to understand the novel idea, the sheer impact, of undiluted, heavy, driving rock. Mostly free of the talent-less screaming of many of their radio-metal contemporaries, the Los Angeles-based four-piece’s concise tracks rarely lose purpose or force.


    A lot of the band’s accessible creativity, however, is ripped from Incubus, and some of Matt Koruba’s vocals are too reminiscent of Thursday’s Geoff Rickley. So nothing’s new about this album, and when they slow things down (“Sisters Testament,” “Downpour”) they’re a throwaway alternative band. But songs such as “Swimming in Media Types,” “Maybe It’s All True” and “Free Personality Test,” with their skewed Police attack and power-chord riffs, hit with an immediacy that, while not revolutionary, is certainly catchy and worthy of some loud volumes.


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