Springer EP


    Although Efterklang isn’t as concerned with “moving units” as 50 Cent has been in recent months, perhaps they should be: the band’s 2004 debut, Tripper is the fastest-selling debut in the Leaf Label’s decade-long history. Springer is a tripper backward, though. This is the six-piece’s 2003 EP that originally saw limited release on the band’s own indie label.


    The deceptively intricate sound of Springer‘s recording is smaller in scale than you might think. The instruments were recorded via computer, and the sparkling ballroom finish that characterizes the EP was actually captured by software. Swelling ambient noise is augmented by lush piano, guitar and melancholy male-female vocal melodies. Sometimes the vocals detract from the rich and expansive atmosphere, but this is a tradeoff in the EP’s successful dramatic peaks in synths and brass, as Iceland’s Sigur Ros tend to favor. This is Danish fare, however, and it’s interesting to see where Efterklang was before its LP went gold-Leaf.

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