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  • Harmony 1 (Mellotron)
  • Sweet Talk
  • Death Take Your Fiddle
  • I Got a Fire
  • Soul on Fire
  • Harmony 2 (Piano)
  • Sitting on Fire
  • Yeah Yeah
  • You Lie You Cheat
  • Harmony 3 (Voice)
  • Baby I'm Just a Fool
  • Don't Hold Me Close
  • Harmony 4 (The Old Man...)
  • Waves Crash In
  • Harmony 5 (Accordion)
  • Borrowed Your Gun
  • Harmony 6 (Glockenspiel)
  • Goodnight Goodnight

A new Spiritualized album is always cause for rejoicing amongst fans of psychedelic space rock. Songs in A&E comes with a little more emotion behind it. After 2003's Amazing Grace, the music world almost lost Spiritualized's head honcho Jason Pierce (a.k.a J. Spaceman, once of Spacemen 3) to a viscious string of medical ailments. They attacked Pierce just as he was beginning to craft Songs, which helps explain why the album has been so long in coming. Many of the tunes here are back to being big, swooning, and orchestral, like those from previous Spiritualized albums Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space and Let it Come Down, after Amazing Grace rocked it on the raw, garage tip. A series of instrumentals that dot Songs all share the word "Harmony" in their titles, a nod to Harmony Korine, who had Pierce provide some of the music for his film Mr. Lonely.






The Lines - Memory Span Odd Nosdam Pretty Swell Explode

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