Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham

    Sonic Souvenirs


    Luna fans rejoice in the glow of new material! Wait, it’s not Luna; it’s just Dean and Britta. And the material isn’t new; it’s just remixes. Well, something is better than nothing. Sonic Souvenirs is six-tracks taken from Britta and Dean’s lovely L’Avventura, which was released by Jetset five months prior to this EP. Five tracks are the work of Sonic Boom, aka Peter Kember, formerly of the trippy indie forefathers Spacemen 3; the straggler, “Ginger Snaps,” was remixed by Tony Visconti, who mixed L’Avventura and has worked with David Bowie and the Stranglers.


    Opener “Your Baby (Can’t Stand the Rain)” is a great listen with a set of nice headphones. Sonic Boom adds some thunder and rain to the original, creating an atmosphere and visualization that the original lacks. Once Phillips’s sultry vocals come in, you can picture her sitting on a window sill, thinking all the words we hear. Amidst the raindrops and tripped-out vibraphone Phillips remains the focus, which is a good thing. Is there a hotter indie rocker? So what if she’s old. Wait, there’s another visual … Britta Phillips, Neko Case and a kiddie pool filled with Jello …

    On “Moonshot (Myths of Heaven),” Boom adds his own space-like feel to this Buffy Sainte-Marie tune. He reduces the heavy drums of the L’Avventura version, bringing them behind the vocals and other instruments. The synthesizer and strings join Britta and Dean as the focal points of Boom’s arrangement. This softer, more ethereal take on the song is well crafted, and in many respects superior to the original mix.

    All of the remixed tracks on Sonic Souvenirs stay pretty close to the originals. There’s no crazy Rabbit in the Moon techno club tracks going on here. Boom does a nice job adding understated atmospheric touches to already quality music. The mood of the songs remains chill, as he adds another dimension, inviting all listeners, especially Luna fans, to get comfy, put on some good cans, and enjoy the scenery.