Shrimp Boat

    SOmething Grand


    Bands like Tortoise and Califone demand an explanation. Thankfully, we’ve got Something Grand, a three-disc box set compiling a wealth of unreleased material from Shrimp Boat, whose members (most notably the Sea and Cake’s Sam Prekop) went on to participate in and influence much of that beloved Chicago indie sound. Art school drop-outs and musical amateurs for sure, the quintet, which formed in 1985 and disbanded in 1993, nonetheless managed to create three albums of truly resonate experimental pop full of back-country folk jams, horn segues, sound collages and straight-up jazz rock. Though certainly requiring a bit of patience, tracks like “Columbo” and the soulful live-version of “Medea Rising” present the band as the true original it was, rather than simply the musical curators such a dizzying array of influences might lead you to believe.


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