Sleeping People

    Sleeping People


    It’s probably a coincidence that Sleeping People’s debut was released almost exactly ten years after Don Caballero’s genre-defining sophomore disc, Don Cabellero 2, but it sure sounds like it could be a tribute to that album. The pointillistic, phase-shifting guitar lines, superhuman drumming feats and abhorrence of straight 4/4 rhythms all recall that magical era when instrumental math-rock still seemed like a great idea.


    Sleeping People’s rhythm section slays. Bassist Kenseth Thibideau (a member of Pinback and Tarentel) pulls double duty, sometimes adding to the dense harmonic web spun by guitarists Kasey Boekholt and Joileah Maddock, other times locking in with drummer Brandon Relf (ex-Canaveral). On “Nasty Portion,” Relf plays so many cross-rhythms that it’s a marvel he still finds time for double-kick fills. And breathing.


    These songs could be more diverse, and they’re very tightly scripted, with little space for rhythmic elasticity or improvisation of any sort. But not every math-rock band can be Don Caballero, and Sleeping People is way more focused than Don Cab ever was. Each song develops its ideas so well that even the six-plus-minute run times seem to fly by. The album’s only real problem is that the liner notes don’t have a picture of the band’s über-cute new guitarist.


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