Thought Riot

    Sketches of an Undying Will


    Remember how awesome it was when you first started kissing girls. Your walk changed from that of a jumpy-cartoon-watching spaz to that of one cocky motherfucker (well, motherkisser anyway). “Mom, I’ll pour my own milk in my Frankenberries,” you would say confident, as if swapping tongue with little Kimberly down the street had now made you man enough to handle even the most daunting task. Then remember when you learned kissing was only the first base and your head almost exploded.


    Thought Riot better appreciate that progression of things. They are an intro to punk rock, perfect for kids who would never understand the dirt and filth of ’70s punk or who don’t yet know about the creativity and energy of newer punk and post-punk.

    Reminiscent of all that mid- to late-’90s West Coast punk/hardcore with a slightly more modern style, Thought Riot’s Sketches of an Undying Will combines chugga-chugga power chords, gang vocals, anthemic melodies, gang vocals, speed and gang vocals into songs that sound a little too much like fellow politco-punkers Rise Against or Anti-Flag (the members of which actually own A-F Records).

    But I don’t mind this kind of stuff. It’s got energy and passion and promotes caring for the people around you and the slowly collapsing world you’re living in. I’m not recommending you go out and buy this record immediately, but I am recommending that you get your kid brother stop listening to that damn milkshake song, start reading, skating, fist pumping and screaming things like, “Yeah, we hold the revolution in our songs!” Don’t worry, after this it’s only a matter of time before they realize chugga riffs and gang vocals are only first base and their head explodes.