Singles Club 4


    The illustrious and wonderfully named Fuck is back from the buffet with this pristine three songer. Things kick off with “Hideout,” about two perfect minutes of indie pop — subdued vocals, straight-forward rhythm and guitar jangles that kick up a notch at the 30-second mark. Makes me miss 1995 way more than my record collection already lets on … “Low is not Lois,” follows, and it’s the gem in the corner of Ira Kaplan’s eye. Sweet acoustic guitars strum as “My real name is not Louis” is repeated languorously. These guys were apparently harboring the missing piece of Yo La Tengo’s last album the whole time. The quickie ends slowly with “Love Songs,” another drowsy gem that knows its way around a pedal. Best with Fuck is the lack of gimmick; aside from their snappy name, this is simplistic music, good songwriting. What happened back in 1995 was accomplished, and it still is.

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