Armin Van Buuren



    Shortly after DJ Magazine‘s readers ranked this Dutchman as the third most popular deejay in the world for the third year running, Armin Van Buuren released his second LP of original material. Firmly established as one of the stalwart deejays of trance, Van Buuren offers nothing on Shivers to suggest he is moving toward a break from his traditional sound. Instead, his experimentation came in the form of songwriting: For the first time, he had a hand in most of the lyrics — to a rather dismal effect.


    Fans of vocal trance or house have come to expect very little from the lyrics, but most of the writing here comes off sounding like a grade-school poetry assignment. The album’s title track and first single is full of lyrical clichés such as “Memories/ Emotions that we share/ Teardrops/ Signing my face” — and that’s about as good as it gets. Coupled with predictable, lackluster production, the painfully bad lyrics make for an album that only the hardest trance aficionados could enjoy.


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