Group Sounds

    Shadows and Substance


    Maybe it’s just springtime, cute little animals, and it still being sunny at 7 p.m., but music sucks a little less lately. And I’m a little confused, because honestly I’m pretty sure that this record really honks gopher balls, but I can’t really bring myself to give it lower than a 2.5. It’s cute, kind of harmless, and it’s grown on me — I kind of want to pet it on its chubby little head. A few years back I had a similar guilty pleasure thing with that band Moods for Moderns that put out a record or two on Doghouse. Like Moods for Moderns, Groups Sounds — comprised of a few former members of the Izzys — is really just an unapologetic pop band.


    Shadows and Substance milks ’60s rock/R&B staples — angelic harmonies and infectious hooks over simple songwriting — for all they are worth and then some. Both bands are pretty much just musical fat girls, and I’m just fucking the cellulite right out of them these days. But it’s super on the DL — I wouldn’t say I’m proud of it, and I’m definitely not going to tell my friends, but it’s different and kind of fun for a change. Sure, I feel kinda weird and a little gay at times when I can’t tell the boobs from the backfat, but late at night no one has to know what I do. Good thing I came up with this awesome pseudonym.

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