Edu K

    Sex-O-Matic f/ Deize Tigrona 12″


    “Ass, titties, ass ‘n’ titties / Ass, ass, titties, titties, ass ‘n’ titties.” With that one refrain, DJ Assault summarized the heterosexual male fuck fantasy on his classic “Ass ‘N’ Titties” with more humor and singular focus than any prior artist. While listeners could easily entwine their selves in this hypnotic porn ode alone, without fail, artists have remained committed to finding a fresh spin on this timeless tale.



    Brazilian rocker-turned-emcee/producer Edu K came through with a noteworthy effort in 2000, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Popozuda” (“popozuda” is a recently revived Brazilian Portuguese slang term for “big-bottomed woman”). Built around 90210-like guitar crunch and a sleek baile funk riddim, the song exploded as both a sentimental and timely exercise of man’s pastime paradise of heckling and harassment (no pun intended). The track exploded as baile funk began exerting its presence in the Brazilian mainstream, but it has made an appearance stateside through the recent interest in all things Brazilian ghetto chic.


    Not to be considered a one-trick pony, Edu K follows with a flip “Sex-O-Matic.” Featuring baile funk songstress Deize Tigrona, Edu gives the ladies some and lets her take the lead on the rhymes. Similarly, the track is also a departure – where his breakout hit “Popozuda” bounced heavily under silicone excess and ’80s vice, “Sex-O-Matic” is a magro tube of lube in need of one last squeeze. While “Popozuda” embodied the appearance and the fantasy of sexiness, “Sex-O-Matic” captures the physicality and reality of sex. Recognizing this quality, a remix by Dave Taylor/Solid Groove stresses a bare, stomping rhythm and dull, squirting effects, ideal for a mid-set/sex workout. Similarly, DJ Edgar rips out the guitars completely, leaving percussion and bass tones to do the do.


    The remaining remixes hardly capture any of the original track’s stankness. Edu K’s reggaeton mix cuts up the rhythm with little imagination while minimizing the track’s highlight, Tigrona. Meanwhile, Rio’s DJ Mavi and DJ Sany dwell within familiar baile funk tropes. Fortunately, an a cappella track leaves room for adventurous mixers to navigate their own path. What better way to cap off this endless legend?


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