Mark Farina



    Mark Farina may be one of the most loved house deejays in America. His sets are legendary for their attention to detail and soulful vibes, and he’s incredibly skillful on the decks. The double-disc Sessions is Farina finally channeling this frenetic energy onto record, and it’s house music at its finest. Bursting with underground vibes and covering many styles of house, this mix is all about the beats. Each track builds upon its predecessor, adding thick layers of funk and sending us deeper into the groove.


    There isn’t a dull moment here. Rather than treat the project as two separate mixes, Farina mixes the album like one long two-hour set, so the energy never wanes. The list of producers includes Chris Carrier, DJ Sneak and Joey Youngman, but it’s Farina’s mixing skills and pacing that make the difference. Sessions has the spontaneity and unpredictability of a live deejay set that persists even after several listens. In terms of house mixes, it doesn’t get much better than this one.



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