Slim Thug and Boss Hogg Outlawz

    Serve & Collect


    Slim Thug’s original team may have been the Boyz N Blue, but the Boss Hogg Outlawz are all about the green. On Serve & Collect, Slim Thug and company’s main focus is flossing, mainly from the comfort of a candy-painted ride sitting on big rims. It’s a tired topic made tolerable by a crew of emcees with flow and swagger and by a slew of booming beats, mostly coming from southern vet Mr. Lee. The Outlawz rarely step away from all the braggadocio, though, and that’s what brings Serve & Collect down.



    Consisting of Boyz N Blue members P.J. Tha Rap Hustler, Sir Daily, C-Ward and Killa Kyleon as well as J-Dawg, Young Black and R&B singer Rob Smallz, the Outlawz offer their best in the beginning. Slim Thug explains his hustle on opener, “We Boss Hoggin’,” his only solo offering, and then the team members show their ability to ride a track on “Wood Wheel” and “Recognize a Playa.” Slim appears on nine of the fifteen tracks, and most of the crew members get a shot at a solo cut. C-Ward fairs the best on his “Rollin’,” an easygoing, driving tune with an Outkast “Elevators”-type of feel to it. P.J. makes a good impression on “It’s That P.J.,” dropping some nice lines over an ominous beat: “Blowin’ on the mike like C-fo’/cush got me high like a G fo’/these haters don’t want to see me blow/got me so sick like Ne-Yo.”


    Slim continues to show his talent for collaborating with R&B artists when he teams with Smallz on “Cheating,” but the track is vastly out of place. The illegal activity on subpar tracks “This Is For My Gs” and “Heat On My Side” fails to add diversity. And the album includes a ridiculous amount of references to candy paint even before Young Black’s solo effort, “I’m Fresh.” That track — the thirteenth — nearly doubles the entire disc’s candy quotient, with Young Black mentioning everything from candy girls to a candy world. The Outlawz show a lot of their talent on Serve & Collect, but they’re so bent on flaunting their wealth that they also highlight their weaknesses.