Da Lata



    Brazilian house. IDM without the I, truly meant to incite and sustain crowd movement. For those tired of standing, staring and (formerly) smoking at rock/jazz shows, the idea may sound intriguingly alien. To quickly over-generalize, Da Lata’s mellow ethno-techno may please both those looking to shake and those who are too far gone to care. Da Lata’s Chris Franck first came to prominence through Brazilectro group Smoke City and single “Underwater Love,” which made its way into blue jean ads in America. For his current group’s second album, Serious, he flew to London to record a dance collection with a guest spot reserved for Baaba Maal and a slick R&B/house color to its vocal tracks. The Mix still tastes too smooth to fit within my personal preferences. It’s more than adequate background music to be sure, and would fit perfectly into a London/Paris/New York club, lounge, or bar. Listen, it just sounds a hell of a lot better than that Jersey shore roller-rink Bryan Adams boom-boom bullshit.