Sensuous sounds like it was more fun to make than it is to listen to. Keigo Oyamada (who takes the stage name Cornelius from Planet of the Apes) throws in every studio trick he can get his hands on. It all adds up to an album that gets an A for eclectic experimentation but mostly fails on the fun.



    It seems like Oyamada made a checklist of the different types of songs he wanted to include on Sensuous and then proceeded to run down that list. There are the Kraftwerk robo rockers “Fit Song,” “Beep It,” and “Gum.” There’s new-age atmospherics on the opening title track. There’s the electrified spaghetti western theme “Wataridori.” And there are the digitally updated yet still cheeze-loungey covers “Breezin’ ” and “Sleep Warm.”


    Oyamada’s most interesting moments on Sensuous are his most subversive. Dude has brass ones to call a song “Scum” and include a quick snippet of “The Star-Spangled Banner” on it. Dude has even bigger brass ones to name a song “Like a Rolling Stone” and then have it have absolutely nothing to do with the Dylan landmark — the song is all pinging percussion and whispy synths.


    Air gets a lot of flack for being boring, sterile listening. Here, Cornelius often sounds much like Air. Add those two sentences up and you get to why Sensuous is largely forgettable.