Lissy Trullie

    Self-Taught Learner


    With her debut EP, Lissy Trullie silences the speculation that there’s more style to her than substance, hitting us with five fast-paced, punchy, post-punk numbers and a triumphant pop-rock cover of Hot Chip’s "Ready for the Floor."


    The begrudgers can’t really be blamed. When someone this beautiful, hip and connected — model and muse for Moises de la Renta (Oscar’s son,) DJ at New York’s Beatrice Inn and all-round it-girl — reveals her rock-star intentions, eyebrows are certain to be raised and hands rubbed gleefully together at the prospect of watching such presumption crash and burn. But it turns out that Miss Trullie isn’t being presumptuous at all.


    The opener "Boy Boy" sets the tone for the EP. There’s a short-lived touch of Joy Division to the opening chords before the sound switches to sunny pop, built on short, infectious riffs, backed by a catchy chorus. Post-Punk riffs, simple, direct hooks and nods to new wave abound on the EP, from the Velvet Underground-influenced title track, through the Strokesian "She Said" (co-written with guitarist Eben D’amico, formerly of Saves the Day) to the garage-surf sound of "Money." Trullie’s disdain-ridden lyrics and husky, hoarse vocals recall Nico, Chrissie Hynde, Deborah Harry and Julian Casablancas. 


    Self-Taught Learner oozes style, attitude, and self-confidence, confirming that there’s nothing presumptuous about Lissy Trullie’s rock-star ambitions.  She combines style and substance, no matter how much it pains the begrugder in us to admit, and is most definitely one to watch.