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  • Round & Round
  • A Year Without Rain
  • Rock God
  • Off The Chain
  • Summer’s Not Hot
  • Intuition
  • Spotlight
  • Ghost Of You
  • Sick Of You
  • Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

Tweens of America, rejoice! Selena Gomez and the Scene are back with a collection of dance-pop songs to strain your heartstrings every which way possible before eighth-period English. Lead single "Round & Round" finds Gomez pining after a boy in the worst way possible in a perfectly upbeat way, while "Rock God" was contributed by Katy Perry and features her on background vocals. Some of the songs were meant for inclusion on Gomez's first album, but were left on the cutting-room floor. The album also incorporates some slight reggae influences, changing it up from the saccharine electronica that her work has typically been infused with.

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Hey, now, teenagers and adults like Selena & The Scene, too. They didn't play "Naturally" in the clubs just for laughs!


Album cover art and track list added.

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