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Few albums are as aptly titled as Sean Price’s Mic Tyson. The ear-biting and strange vocabulary aside, these two men share one important trait. They both intimidate their opponents, be they unprepared fighters or every MC on the planet. Price doesn’t really “beef” with other rappers, but he loves to talk his shit. And he also never holds back if he’s unhappy with a trend, like the skinny-jeans hipster-rap movement. Mic Tyson, which is Price’s first solo record in more than three years, will likely be a gritty collage of what we have come to expect from the Duck Down MC. That equates to plenty of hilarious and violent punchlines over grimy beats with several Boot Camp Clik members dropping by for guest verses.

The Soft Pack - The Soft Pack Oh No Dr. No's Ethiopium

what they have in common is that they are both from brownsville, same with kimbo

Noah Calomino

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