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Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts, and Plus One of the DMC-world-title-champion Scratch Perverts slap together a varied collection of U.S. and UK hip-hop, with some surprises in between, for their entry in the long-running FabricLive mix series. Whereas the Fabric mixes are put together by deejays who specialize mostly in techno and dance-floor stuff, the FabricLive series is more of a mishmash of different artists and genres: a recorded representation of the London club's night of the same name that is known for its rule-breaking mix of styles. Scratch Perverts fill such a requirement with turntablist ease.


Outside of the DMC title, the U.K.-based Scratch Perverts hold a laundry list of deejay titles between the three of them: ITF Scratching Champion, DMC U.K. Champion, ITF European Team Champion. On Fabriclive 22, the Scratch Perverts push through a nice blend of well-knowns such as the Roots, the Perceptionists, and Dilated, but the mini mash-up before Dead Prez's "Hip-Hop," as well as the spiraling moog sounds of Plus One's own "Stand By" also beckon for attention. The several appearances by the North London motormouth emcee Skinnyman are notable, in addition to the window-rattling drum 'n' bass serving "Rocker" from Alter Ego.

As expected, scratching plays well throughout from these gents, and within a couple of tracks, our hosts are knee-deep in dance-y electronica. Manchester gangster Ian Brown gets a turn, because when he's not pummeling fans to near-death he's writing pretty good songs. Hardly winding to a close, Radiohead's "National Anthem" is squeezed in before some hearty helpings of jungle from Clipz, DJ Phantasy and Baron while the Scratch Perverts spool up their cables and head home.

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  • Come Get It - Scratch Perverts
  • Ha Ha - t
  • Born To Roll - Masta Ace
  • I'll Be Surprised - Skinnyman
  • Witness (Walworth Road Rocker's Dub) - Roots Manuva
  • Guns Are Drawn - The Roots
  • Ug Beats - Mr. Scruff
  • Go In - Die
  • Party Hard - The Perceptionists
  • This Way - Dilated Peoples
  • Hold On - Foreign Beggars
  • Fame & Money - Booty Bouncers
  • Face Smacker - Scratch Perverts
  • Hip Hop - Dead Prez
  • Stand By - Scratch Perverts
  • G.D.M.F.S.O.B. (Unkle Uncensored Mix) - DJ Shadow
  • Rocker - Alter Ego
  • Time Is My Everything (Scratch Perverts Vocal Mix) - Ian Brown
  • The National Anthem - Radiohead
  • Pack Of Wolves (Pendulum Remix) - Nightbreed
  • Get Ill - Ed Rush
  • Slippery Slope - Clipz
  • Gimme Da Gal - DJ Phantasy
  • Another Planet - Pendulum
  • A Modern Way V.I.P. - Baron
The Most Serene Republic - Underwater Cinematographer Slim Thug Already Platinum

I love this album, the song Gimme Da Gal is dropped with perfection... brilliant!


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