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    Safety Second, Body Last


    The Locust�s notoriety could easily outdo their creative output. From same-sex marriages within the group, to numerous reports of fights at shows, to bizarre merchandise that includes belt buckles and puzzle-shaped seven-inches, you don�t even need to hear the San Diego four-piece play to know that they are, among many things, bizarre. But with a slew of releases on such notable labels as GSL, Anti, and now Mike Patton�s Ipecac, the Locust have proven time after time that their music is just as weird as their lives are. Through employing new modes of structure, sound and delivery, the Safety Second, Body Last EP is the Locust�s most diverse and strangely accessible release yet.


    The Locust�s previous releases have offered thirty- to forty-second songs that pack in about thirty minutes of aggression. But Safety Second employs a different structure, mimicking the classical model by providing two tracks with five movements each. Each movement has an equal share of their classic tech assault (�Who�s Handling the Death Paste,� �Movement Across the Membrane�), and drawn-out synth soundscapes (�Immune System Overtime�). The equation was pretty similar on 2003�s Plague Soundscapes, but this time, just because the songs change doesn�t mean the track number does, too.

    Safety Second has minimized the blast beats that were prevalent on previous Locust records, instead offering new time signatures that are even less rational (check �Movement Across the Membrane�). The vocal delivery, though still dominated by the bands archetypal shrieks, is slowly becoming less abrasive. Part two of �Consenting Abyss� almost has a melody � something never before heard on a Locust album.

    With two tracks � about ten minutes together � of abrasive mayhem, this EP will surely satisfy rabid fans who have waited two years for new material from the band. The more accessible nature of the recording seems to deflate the sheer monstrosity once instilled by the band, but Safety Second, Body Last is marked with the progression and destructive nature that has marked the Locust�s work since 1995.

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    "One Decent Leg/ Movement Across the Membrane/ Oscillating Eyes/ Immune System Overtime/ Hairy Mouth"

    Ipecac Records


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