Sigur Ros

    Saeglopur EP


    “Saeglopur,” one of the best tracks off of Sigur Ros’s 2005 album, Takk, is another in a long line of beautiful, eight-plus-minute medleys by the Iceland natives. It’s the showcase of this EP single, which also includes three mostly instrumental tracks and some DVD footage.

    “Saeglopur” is followed by the piano-heavy “Refur,” which is less than three minutes and far from the band’s best instrumental work. “O Fridur” is the best song after “Saeglopur,” and it’s followed by “Kafari,” a fairly good song that provides nothing out of the ordinary Sigur Ros. The DVD includes a video for the title track as well as videos for “Glosoli” and “Hoppipolla,” neither of which comes close to classic efforts such as the video for “Untitled 1,” which was MTV Europe’s Video of the Year in 2003, or the video for “Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa.”

    It’s hard to judge an album based on four audio cuts, but it’s clear that Sigur Ros still has what it takes to be inspiring. Still, the band members haven’t set the bar so high that they won’t be able to once again break their own boundaries.

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