The Whores

    Rock Ya ‘Til Ya Die


    The Whores are probably the sloppy drunks some might avoid at a party, pouring their drink on your shoes. But they’re from Glasgow, so they’re probably not at your parties. Which is really a shame. The Whores go ’60s psychedelia via neo-cock rock, don’t mind being a bit glam, act 17 but think like Mick Jagger. Rock Ya ‘Til Ya Die references some of the worst bands (Aerosmith), pummels synthesizers and comes out alive. The Whores are more than a little in touch with their Vesuvius, and it’s hot. Don’t be surprised if their epic sleaze makes it stateside, but for now, they’re only available on self-released demo, which, if a bit on the rough side (it sounds recorded through cheesecloth), can’t hide their gonzo rock ‘n’ roll edge.


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