Samson and Sejour

    Rock Rock Y’all


    Presumably intended to be something of a club hit in the league of Young Gunz’s or J-Kwon’s recent spins, Samson and Sejour’s “Rock Rock Y’all” is a just-OK single with beats by Mark Ronson. Good, but it doesn’t have quite the raw punch that it should. Brooklyn/Queens breakout twosome trade brag-lines back and forth with pretty hot verse about paying their dues and assuming top slot in their game: “Bringin’ it to me? Your guns better be huge.” I say Ronson should bring the beat forward on this one and highlight his tasteful scratching, but who am I? “The Big Throwback” is a slow, sultry roll call to the masters of the days of old. S&S drop names from a roster of faves and the chorus is R&B sweetness as provided by Butter. “Struggle” makes for a good B-side and even demonstrates A-side quality with more of a counsel feel about street life.