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That These Things Could be Ours springs
to form in powerful blasts of confessional pop that's written for
arrangement in a full band setting and, thankfully, delivered as such.
Rather than peddling his eloquent inner sentiments via acoustic guitar
and a half-assed smile, Minneapolis's Robert Skoro uses the full-band
approach on this, his second album but first recorded outside of the
bedroom. And while there is plenty of acoustic guitar here, it's filled
out with bright decorative accompaniment and Skoro's engaging lyrics.



He doesn't keep much bottled inside on That These Things Could Be Ours.
He unveils buried secrets at the hazardous Joe Pernice pace,
occasionally applying some restraint to his vocals but never to his
words. Even his band plays a little like those in the Pernice Brothers
band, often pulling '60s folk rock into the final product, each corner
giving way to organ melodies, tasteful fuzzy guitar licks and


Hoo" is accented by marimba and Wurlitzer, and in a reasonably
intoxicated circus melody, Skoro's weary announcement for all to "climb
aboard the pity train" follows even more of a downer in "Before the
Sun." He pairs a pleasant acoustic-guitar melody with some piano plinks
for the "Before" intro, matching lifting vocal harmonies with his own
while casually ranting against getting older. He's twenty-four. I
remember being twenty-four. Seems like it was just five years ago. I'd
say he's accomplished quite a bit.



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