Rise of Brutality


    Hatebreed packed its fourth full-length with twelve tracks of hate, anger and oppression: Rise of Brutality stays true to Hatebreed’s trademark hardcore sound. The guitar is fast and heavy, the drums are blasting and the vocals register somewhere between a scream and a growl. In true hardcore fashion, none of the songs clock in at longer than three and a half minutes. But it’s a bit of a void musically. The sound is straightforward and honest, but it lacks any distinction between songs or from the band’s past work. The band “keeps it real” despite signing to a major, and the record isn’t over-produced, as is typical of most major-label hardcore and metal. If you’re a Hatebreed fan or you like Blood for Blood or All Out War, Rise of Brutality won’t disappoint. But steer clear if you don’t like to be screamed at, you appreciate melody, or you like happy music.


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