Spank Rock

    Rick Rubin


    The Rap Snacks potato chips sleeve of the “Rick Rubin” single holds a volley of ColecoVision videogame bleeps and buzzes from Spank Rock’s forthcoming Big Dada LP, YOYOYOYOYO. Spank Rock, a Baltimore club native cum Philly party emcee, spits rapid unsystematic braggadocio over the title track’s frenzy of shuffling beats, mixed-bag percussion and boardwalk-arcade-inspired accompaniment, dragging his Baltimore club roots into a refreshing electro-hip-hop entry. He flows like a Red Bull-addled version of the rap in New Edition’s “Cool it Now,” but it doesn’t register until he actually references that shit in the second verse. The “President Evil Remix” boasts a crisp break and light synth combo rework of the single, and Five Deez’s Pase Rock guests, fresh off the release of his crew’s forward-looking Kommunicator LP. The prize pig follows when producer Armani XXXChange’s “Electro Remix” notes the duo’s Baltimore upbringing with a deep, swirling tech-bass melody and robot vox snippets. Non-album burner “Girls and Boys” rips through a tumbling thud and pan-flute swirl from Timbaland’s editing-room floor, and Spank’s sharp wordplay here might even outdo the title cut.


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