Venomous Concept

    Retroactive Abortion


    Venomous Concept is the frightening rebirth of the kind of music that destroyed my everyday sensibilities almost two decades ago. Fast, merciless and bludgeoning, Retroactive Abortion hammers your face off and leaves only a driving, libidinous need to take some desperate form of action in its place.


    This is the kind of stuff that started the concept of the mosh pit; it propels the listener into an angry void of glorious musical trauma, spiking the adrenaline with its razor guitars (courtesy of Melvins and Fantomas guitarist Buzz Osbourne), relentless rhythm section (Napalm Death’s Shane Embury and Danny Herrera, bass and drums respectively), and the confrontationally impolite vocals of another legend, Brutal Truth’s Kevin Sharp.

    Retroactive Abortion is a raging re-emergence of pain in music, and it is brought to you by some of the people that were there at the beginning. Buy this for a look at making old school new again, and then thank Mike Patton and the good people at Ipecac Records for having the balls to continue to hack away at the music industry with that rusty old meat clever.

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