Silversun Pickups


    An iTunes-only collection of digital conversions released strictly for the converted, the Silversun Pickups’s Remixes EP isn’t likely to attract new fans, repel the true believers, or matter much either way to everyone else. Essentially a single for “Lazy Eye” minus the real deal, Remixes’ idea of eclecticism is to feature two club-packaged versions of “Little Lovers So Polite” sandwiched within four beepblipped stratums of “Eye,” with the latter’s preceding adjective proceeding over it all — shattered guitars with splatter-patterned keyboard pulses punctuating the mostly untouched vocals and synth-padded drums, echoing every other rock remix disc you’ve ever heard. The sole exception is KROQ DJ Jason Bentley’s sparkling, punchy take on “Lazy Eye,” which, while impressive, isn’t enough to salvage the remaining ephemera and b-side fodder from the bargain iBin. 




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