Various Artists

    Red Star Sounds Presents Def Jamaica


    Red Star Sounds Presents Def Jamaica is a Heineken Music Initiative project to raise money for the GRAMMY Foundation and the Shawn Carter Foundation (one can only imagine the missions of these organizations). Save your money and go to a PTA meeting or something — this album is totally phoned in, as forced and as predictable as any other genre mashup. Jabbery intros, blup! blup! blup!, bitchesgunsdrugs, and Moog-backed falsetto hooks that have already been exhausted by the Neptunes. Even some turntable wizardry from the X-Ecutioners and a dancehall remix of Pharrell and Jay-Z’s “Frontin’ ” can’t save this album from the fate of all unremarkable, perfectly listenable stylistic exercises: a lifetime in the bargain bins.