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  • Carpet of Horses
  • Chain Chain Chain
  • Rosewood, Stax, Votlz + Glitter
  • Buttered
  • Gauze
  • Idiot Son
  • Variations on Nadia's Theme
  • Oxtail
  • Sad Cadillac
  • Taxidermy Blues in Reverse
  • There's Always Tomorrow
  • Chain Chain Chain (4-track demo)
  • Idiot Son (single version)
  • Words
  • Mouse-ish (dub mix)
  • Carpet of Horses (Cleversly version)
  • St. Anthony's Jawbone
  • Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)

It’s a bit odd Sub Pop is reissuing Red Red Meat’s third album Bunny Gets Paid (1995). Not because Bunny Gets Paid isn’t worth the praise and effort of an expanded edition, but because the record is Red Red Meat’s most experimental, least critically acclaimed and furthest from their famed Crazy Horse on Quaaludes style than anything the band released.

In line with the latest trend of reissues from notorious underground labels, like Matador’s massive Pavement and Mission of Burma reissues, Bunny Gets Paid: Deluxe Edition isn’t merely a standard reissue, but rather a walloping double-disc restructuring of the entire album. According to Sub Pop, “The original album has been remastered by Red Red Meat’s own Brian Deck and is accompanied by a 7-song 2nd disc of alternate, demo and single versions of album tracks, plus b-sides, covers and a previously unreleased songs from the same era ('St. Anthony’s Jawbone'), all put together by the band.”

Benjy Ferree - Come Back to the Five and Dime, Bobby Dee Bobby Dee Swan Lake Enemy Mine

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