Mistah F.A.B. & Dow Jones



    Although Mac Dre’s 2004 murder robbed him of the opportunity to watch his hyphy empire go pop in the national mainstream, his legacy continues with the help of the forerunner of his Thizz Entertainment camp, Mistah F.A.B. The young emcee rose to prominence quickly on the strength of his ferocious freestyle ability and seemingly ubiquitous presence on every Bay Area hip-hop album or mixtape. His tenacity paid off when Atlantic Records successfully courted him late in 2006. So, the logical next question is this: What does this mean for his album?



    From the sound of Recess, his pre-jump off mixtape with Dow Jones, your guess is as good as mine. Fabby Davis Jr. rides a standard mixtape blend of seasonal beats (the Clipse’s “Mr. Me Too,” Rick Ross’s “Hustlin’,” and Cassie’s “Me & U”), exclusives (from the Alchemist and J. Dilla), and shitty deejay-produced fodder. As such, he displays tremendous versatility by rhyming pop thug (pretty much the first quarter of the mix), thoughtful thug (the Fisty-jacking Mac Dre homage “If I Die”), and stoopid thug (the abhorrent “Wheels on da Bus”). However, as capable as Fabby performs, the whole lacks any distinct personality or direction. No worries: Album leaks, label mismanagement, and artist drama will inevitably delay the album and result in another mediocre hot-ass mess.



    Artist: http://www.mistahfab.com/

    Label: http://www.mixunit.com/

    Audio: http://www.myspace.com/mistahfab