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    Reboot: Notes For the Next Generation


    As a response to the devastating effects of AIDS in Africa, Om Records partnered with the nonprofit organization NextAid for Reboot: Notes For the Next Generation, the proceeds of which will go toward building a multi-purpose center for South African youth. For such an admirable project, artists from Om’s impressive roster, including Louie Vega, Kaskade, Miguel Migs and Ron Trent, were compelled to contribute, and the result is an incredibly cohesive compilation of eclectic soul, house and down-tempo electronica. The music draws from all corners of the African Diaspora, from Afro-Cuban percussion to reggae-inspired jams. It’s a solid collection brings out the best from its contributors and never loses sight of its mission: to raise awareness of Africa.


    Every track on Reboot is inspired by Africa and its influence. Despite the loudness of Thievery Corporation‘s reggae-flavored “Truth and Rights,” most of the album floats on a cloud of blissful percussion and whisper-thin vocals. Louie Vega’s “Steel Congo” and Kaskade’s “Samba Love” are delightful tracks that are modern yet contain traditional elements. The songs remain positive and optimistic throughout, with titles such as “Miracles,” “Happy Times,” “Sound of Freedom,” and “Lift Me Up.” Marques Wyatt’s “Come Together, Love Better” is buoyed by Gina Rene’s beautiful earthy vocals over a steady house groove. Afro-Mystik continues the house vibe with the triumphant “Miracles,” a joyful vocal track that is a perfect example of the compilation’s commitment to positive change. Once the vibe is set in motion, each track builds off its predecessor, creating a seamless sonic journey.


    The compilation, perfect for lovers of eclectic soul, would make a great backdrop for a quiet gathering and will create positive energy wherever it’s played. That it was created for charitable purposes makes it all the more appealing. This is music with a purpose, and that purpose makes it sound all the better.


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