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The Seventh Seal, Rakim's third solo studio album, was originally slated for release in 2002, but it was delayed initially when Rakim, then on Dr. Dre's Aftermath label, cited creative differences. Fans had hoped that The Seventh Seal would drop on July 7, 2007, but the date came and went.


Now, ten years after his second studio LP, The Master, it seems The Seventh Seal is fit for release. Speaking to Billboard about the title's signifigance, Rakim said, "The seventh letter of the alphabet is G -- that stands for God. There are seven continents, seven seas. The 'seventh seal' deals with that and also some revelations in the Bible. Some call it the end of the world, but for me it's the end of the old and the beginning of the new. By me naming my album that, I'm using it metaphorically in hip-hop. I'm hoping to kill the old state of hip-hop and start with the new."


Biblical prophecy, the death and rebirth of hip-hop, and numerology. The Seventh Seal is looking to be a pretty low-key, unambitious affair, don't you think?

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what s up with the new album


rakim and krs help carry this sport. without there would be no true hip left. rakim in my opinion should be highly anticipated as well as knowledge


rakim is the true essence of hip hop. he is legendary and the glue that holds it together. the state of hip hop/rap now is dead and i cant wait to hear the" microphone fiend" on the mic again kick these wannabe emcees out of the booth!Alhamdulillah

mustafa abdul razzaq

Here is the Seventh Seal album to listen to


heard the first sing great lyrics n catchy beat. i think album is goin2b quite good.


Rakim never quoted a lyric that did ' nt make sense. He is truely the raw definition of real hip hop. I know his new album is gonna be tight. Peace to the god.


I hate Rakim now.

What happens to the Don't sweat the technique days.....

He must be broke because he as SOLD THE HELL OUT!!!!

Jason Dottin

Yeahhh, this album was an immense disappointment.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Andrew_Martin/me.jpg Andrew_Martin

The Seventh Seal is tight. One of the best albums of 2009-10 and my top three. It's been long overdue for a rap album to have the metaphorical depth, variety, beat originality, storytelling and cleaness while at the same time keeping it real. I'll just keep playing Seventh Seal and his previous albums until he comes out with the next one, no matter how long.


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