Medeski Martin and Wood

    Radiolarians III


    The third installment of Medeski Martin and Wood’s Radiolarians series finds the seasoned jazz trio exploring new sounds, as if the three musicians are restless in the sustained success of their career. They draw on influences from around the world and throughout time, like on the Caribbean-laced “Chantes Des Femmes” and on the burlesque “Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down.” The sound rises and falls dramatically, sometimes reaching such peaks that it sounds like there’s some rage behind it.


    Medeski adds even more interest to the album by splitting his time between piano and organ. Only a few songs (“Gwyra Mi” and “Undone”) fail to achieve the same level of expression, but it’s reassuring to know that even musicians at the level of Medeski Martin and Wood continue to explore. And it’s exciting to hear it happen on Radiolarians III.