The Capitol Years



    Pussyfootin’ represents the Capitol Years of yestercapitolyear. It’s a collection of songs recorded two or more years ago, preceding the current blasts of garage mod fury on March 2003’s Jewelry Store EP. This CD is a more relaxed Capitol Years, as the band employs gently-plucked acoustic guitars and harmonica around singer Shai Halperin’s ghostly and desperate vocals. The pseudo-demo format lends well to the bare bones dusty road surface of these formerly unreleased tracks. For as sparse as the instrumentation goes, numbers like "Old Crow" and "Faces and Beer" are well-balanced country nuggets. It’s kinda like a suitable backdrop for walking your horse up to the water trough. Just let her take a sip, why don’t cha, while you head into the tavern for the hair o’ the dog, and possibly a brief stretch o’ poker. There ya go, isn’t that nice?


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