The Lovely Sparrows

    Pulling Up Floors, Pouring on (New) Paint


    Allow me to add a term to the lexicon: blog band. That’s any musical group that offers a pleasant, if unremarkable, take on its chosen genre. Any success is owed to the proliferation of music blogs and their need for fresh daily content.


    The pros and cons of this development in music culture are best saved for another article and another time, but that definition is well-suited for Austin-based indie-poppers the Lovely Sparrows. Pulling Up Floors, Pouring on (New) Paint, the band’s debut EP, has enough pleasurable moments that you won’t likely feel cheated out of your nineteen minutes, but you’d hardly be remiss if you passed on it.


    The band’s Southern-style folk-pop holds a certain charm, with its earthy tones and rainy-day aesthetics, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard before, and we’ve heard it done better. Signs of the band thinking outside of its self-imposed box do surface, though — especially “The War Has Seen the Best of Me,” with its use of the mandolin. Frontman Shawn Jones’s lyrics show promise, too. “Honey, I’ve spent my life splitting words like hairs” is a keeper, but it loses some luster when he follows it up with this clunker: “If I had nerves of steel, I’d never have to care.”


    Is Pulling Up Floors, Pouring on (New) Paint worth your time? Sure. If you’ve got nothing else better to do.


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