Professor Murder

    Professor Murder Rides the Subway (EP)


    The jury’s still out on whether Brooklyn art-dance-punk quartet Professor Murder is little more than a DFA residue vacuum, sucking up big cowbells, punchy drums, faraway vocals, and crystal sirens in its path. The band’s debut EP gropes all this and, on “Free Stress Test,” a little more, suggesting a kind of weird, wounded connection that goes beyond same-band tastes and surface coolness.


    Still, the highlights roll in; the five-track Professor Murder Rides the Subway is one of the most consistently listenable releases all year. “Champion” and “The Mountain” do the LCD thing harder, faster; “Cameron’s New Color, Pt. 3” is Pixeltan’s “That’s the Way I Like It” pretty much beat-for-beat. To defend Professor Murder’s cribbing would be to expound on its sincerity — the members are truly in love with these sounds and the ideas within. So are we.


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    The Mountain” MP3